Credit: Marineland Antibes

Calypso was a 7 year old female orca who was captured in Canada on December 12, 1969. She passed away in December 1970 at Marineland Antibes.

Soon after her capture, Calypso was transferred to the Cleethorpes Zoo. Calypso was the only orca park and her stay was short as she was soon moved to Marineland Antibes in 1970. Calypso was the first killer whale to be artificially inseminated, though it was unsuccessful. It is unknown which male was used for the AI.

At Antibes, Calypso met a young male named Clovis. Sadly, Calypso passed away in December 1970 of an unknown illness. 




Age at Capture-Approximately 6

Place of Capture-Pender Harbor, BC

Date of Death-12/--/70

Place of Death-Marineland Antibes

Cause of Death-Unknown


  • A Pod (Northern Residents)

Origin of Calypso

  • Greek for "Conceal"
  • Pronounced: cal IP so


  • 4,400 lbs (1969)


  • 16.9 ft (1969)


  • 100% Northern Resident

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