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Halyn was a 2 year old female orca who was born at SeaWorld San Antonio on October 9, 2005. Her mother is Kayla and her father is Keet. She passed away on June 15, 2008.

After Halyn was born, her mother Kayla rejected her and she had to be raised by the trainers. It was also thought Halyn may have been slightly premature. 




Birthplace-SeaWorld San Antonio

Type of Birth-Tail First

Date of Death-6/15/08

Place of Death-SeaWorld San Antonio

Cause of Death-Encephalitis




  • Maternal Grandmother-Kenau*
  • Maternal Grandfather-Orky 2*
  • Paternal Grandmother-Kalina*
  • Paternal Grandfather-Kotar*

Great Grandparents

  • Paternal Great Grandmother-Katina
  • Paternal Great Grandfather-Winston*

Half Sister

  • Kalia (2004)

Brother/Half Brother

  • Kayla's Miscarriage (2007)*


  • Baby Shamu 2*, Kiva*, Orkid, Katerina*, Takara, Unna*, Skyla*, Nalani


  • Spooky*, Taku*, Keto, Tuar, Ikaika, Makaio


  • Amaya*


  • Kohana, Trua, Nalani, Sakari, Adan, Victoria*, Kamea, Kyara*, Ula*

Origin of Halyn

  • American for "Unique or Unlike Any Other"
  • Pronounced: hay LIN


  • 62.5% Icelandic
  • 25% Northern Resident
  • 12.5% Southern Resident

Soon after birth, Halyn was moved to animal care where she spent time with her trainers and dolphins. As she grew, it was decided to move her back to Shamu Stadium. In November 2006, her mom moved to SeaWorld Orlando to learn how to take care of any future calves, as they had many mothers and calves living at the park.

She was introduced to her dad Keet and they got along very well. Keet was the perfect whale for Halyn to bond with. Though he was not very playful, she would play with him and he didn't mind. He had a very high tolerance level for his daughter and was a great companion and teacher. Halyn also started performing in shows with Keet.

Unfortunately, in June 2008 Halyn became ill and passed away from Encephalitis.

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