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Ikaika is a 17 year old male orca who lives at SeaWorld San Diego. He was born at SeaWorld Orlando on August 25, 2002. His mother is Katina and his father is Tilikum.

Ikaika was Katina's fifth calf and she also lived with several other of her calves when Ikaika lived in Orlando. One of them was her son Taku. Taku and Ikaika became very close over the years they spent together and the two could often be seen performing with Katina.

In 2006, Ikaika was sent to Marineland Ontario while Taku moved to SeaWorld Texas. Ikaika stayed in Canada until November 2011, when SeaWorld went to court with Marineland to regain custody of Ikaika after they announced Marineland wasn't providing the care Ikaika needed and were often seperating him from another orca named Kiska.




Birth Place-SeaWorld Orlando

Type of Birth-Tail First

Time of Birth-11:53 (EDT)




  • Unna (1996)*

Half Sisters

  • Kalina (1985)*, Katerina (1988)*, Nyar (1993)*, Kohana (2002), Skyla (2004), Nalani (2006), Malia (2007), Sakari (2010)


  • Taku (1993)*, Makaio (2010)

Half Brothers

  • Kyuquot (1991), Sumar (1998)*, Tuar (1999), Tekoa (2000), Nakai (2001)


  • Skyla, Kalia, Halyn*, Nalani, Victoria*, Amaya, Kyara*, Ula


  • Keet, Keto, Tuar, Trua, Adan

Origin of Ikaika

  • Hawaiian for "Strength"
  • Pronounced: ee KY kuh


  • Ike
  • Kai

Other Names Considered

  • Ramu
  • Mottaka (Reception in Icelandic)
  • Tsunami (Harbour Wave in Japanese)
  • Ramius (Character in "The Hunt for Red October")


  • 350 lbs (August 2002)
  • 4,000 lbs (2011)
  • 5,000 lbs (Dec. 2012)
  • 5,900 lbs (2014)
  • 6,300 lbs (2015)
  • 7,200 lbs (July 2017)


  • 7 ft (August 2002)
  • 17 ft (2011)
  • 19 ft (2015)


  • 100% Icelandic

Ikaika arrived to SeaWorld San Diego on November 15, 2012. He soon met the other orcas at the park. Ikaika seems to get along well with most of his pod mates. He even enjoys spending time with the dominant females. He is very fond of Corky and is often with her.

Since his arrival, he has been learning more behaviors and brushing up on some he didn't do at Marineland that he had learned while living in Orlando. Ikaika has mouthed trainers in the past but has been doing very well since he moved to San Diego. 

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