Kalia is a 16 year old female orca who lives at SeaWorld San Diego where she was born on December 21, 2004. Her mother is Kasatka and her father is Keet. She is also known as Great Grandbaby Shamu as she is the grand daughter of the first orca born in captivity, Kalina, who is Keet's mother. She is Keet's first calf.

Kalia was a very dominant orca as she matured. She would often put the other orcas in their place. After her mother gave birth to her younger brother Makani, she mellowed out some, often showing her maternal side and taking care of Makani.




Birth Place-SeaWorld San Diego

Type of Birth-Tail First

Time of Birth-9:22 (PST)




  • Paternal Grandmother-Kalina*
  • Paternal Grandfather-Kotar*

Great Grandparents

  • Paternal Great Grandmother-Katina
  • Paternal Great Grandfather-Winston*


Half Sisters

  • Takara (1991), Halyn (2005)*

Half Brothers

  • Nakai (2001), Makani (2013)


  • Baby Shamu 2*, Katerina*, Takara, Unna*, Skyla, Nalani


  • Taku*, Keto, Tuar, Ikaika, Makaio


  • Kohana, Sakari, Victoria*, Kamea, Kyara*


  • Trua, Adan


  • Kohana, Trua, Nalani, Sakari, Adan, Victoria*, Kamea, Kyara*, Ula

Origin of Kalia

  • Hawaiian for "Beauty" or "Clear and Bright"
  • Pronounced: kah LEE ah

Also Known As

  • Great Grandbaby Shamu

Other Names Considered

  • Akuah (Hawaiian)
  • Noelle (French)
  • Makai (Seaward in Hawaiian)
  • Mele (Merry in Hawaiian)
  • Nuar (New Year in Icelandic)
  • Tehya (Precious in Native American)


  • 350 (December 2004)
  • 1,825 lbs (2010)
  • 3,000 lbs (February 2013)
  • 4,000 lbs (2014)
  • 4,500 lbs (2015)
  • 4,600 lbs (April 2016)


  • 7 ft (December 2004)
  • 10 ft (2010)
  • 15 ft (2015)
  • 16 ft (April 2016)


  • 87.5% Icelandic
  • 12.5% Southern Resident

Kalia had been doing waterworks before they were stopped in 2010. She has never shown aggression towards her trainers but some wonder if she will be allowed to return to waterworks if they do return because of her dominant nature. Kalia also has a very playful side. She loves to interact with guests at the underwater viewing.

She is most often with Amaya, Nakai, Makani, Orkid and Shouka, but also spends a lot of time with the other members of the pod. She has formed a close friendship with Shouka. Kalia spent a lot of time with her mother, Kasatka, before she passed away in August 2017. Kalia is now the dominant whale of the pod, taking on the role from her mother.

Kalia gave birth to her first calf, a female named Amaya, on December 2, 2014. Ulises is the father of her calf. Kasatka was there to assist Kalia through the birth. Kalia has done very well with her calf and is proving to be a great mom.


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