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Kotar was a 17 year old male orca who lived at SeaWorld San Antonio. He was captured in Iceland on October 26, 1978 and died on April 1, 1995.

Soon after his capture, Kotar was moved to SeaWorld San Diego. Kotar was an interactive and outgoing whale. Because of this, he was chosen to go to the parks petting pool. In 1981, he was sent to SeaWorld Orlando. Here he met several different whales and got along well with them. They performed together as well. He spent a lot of time with Katina, Kalina, Kona 2 and Kahana.

In 1987, another male named Kanduke moved to the park. Kotar and Kanduke didn't get along well. At one point, Kotar attacked Kanduke, injuring his genitals. It was decided to move Kotar to SeaWorld San Antonio after. In February 1990, Kahana was moved to Texas where she rejoined Kotar. They soon mated and she became pregnant with her first calf. Sadly, in November of that year, Kahana miscarried her calf.

Around the time he mated with Kahana, he had also mated with Kasatka. She became pregnant with her first calf. Soon after conception, Kasatka was moved to SeaWorld San Diego. On July 9, 1991, Kasatka gave birth to a female calf named Takara. Takara has given birth to her own calves Kohana, Trua, Sakari, Kamea and Kyara. Kotar became a great grandfather when Kohana gave birth to her first calf Adan in 2010. Kotar ended up impregnating several other females, but only Kalina successfully gave birth to two more of his calves, Keet and Keto. Kalina became pregnant with her first calf Keet soon after moving to San Antonio. Keet and Keto have both had calves of their own as well.

Sadly, before Keto's birth, Kotar passed away unexpectedly. Kotar had learned to open the gates to the pools. He ended up doing this and after the gate opened, it closed on his head. He passed away from a broken skull.




Age at Capture-Approximately 1

Place of Capture-South East Iceland

Date of Death-4/1/95

Place of Death-SeaWorld San Antonio

Cause of Death-Broken Skull




Great Grandchildren

Origin of Kotar

  • A Dravidian Language
  • Pronounced: koh TOR


  • 7,000 lbs (1991)
  • 9,000 lbs (1995)


  • 7 ft (1978)
  • 19 ft (1991)
  • 21 ft (1995)


  • 100% Icelandic

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