The following pictures are owned by SeaWorld, San Antonio Express, State of Florida Archives and News Archives.

Kona 2, Kahana and Kotar. Credit: State of Florida Archives

Credit: News Archives

Kotar 974905.jpg

Credit: State of Florida Archives

Kotar 2.jpg

Keet, Kalina and Kotar

Katina, Kalina and Kotar

Kotar, Kona 2 and Kahana.

Kahana, Kona 2 and Kotar

Kotar, Kahana and Kona 2

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Kotar fvyhj.jpg
Kotar san antonio express.jpg

Kotar and Kona 2

Kona 2, Kotar and Katina.

Kotar, Katina and Kalina.

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