• 7/19/12-Lovey gave birth to Luna.
  • 8/3/12-Kohana gave birth to Victoria.
  • 11/13/12-Stella gave birth to Rin.


  • 2/27/12-Keet moved to SeaWorld California from SeaWorld Texas.
  • 8/11/12-Narnia was transferred to TINRO from the Sea of Okhotsk.
  • 8/20/12-Shouka moved to SeaWorld California from Six Flags California.


  • 8/11/12-Narnia was captured in Russia.


  • 12/20/12-Oscar passed away at Kamogawa Sea World.

1/3/12-Keet may be transferred to SeaWorld San Diego.

2/4/12-Kohana has been confirmed pregnant.

2/27/12-Keet has been transferred to San Diego.

3/5/12-SeaWorld plans to artificially inseminate Kayla. Kohana is due in Fall 2012. Kasatka is due in January 2013.

5/22/12-Six Flags wants to move Shouka to Marineland Canada.

5/26/12-SeaWorld plans to artificially inseminate Takara by mid Summer.

7/13/12-Shows at Kamogawa Sea World have been stopped due to Lovey becoming closer to her due date.

7/19/12-Lovey gave birth to her second calf on July 19, 2012! The calf is a female.

7/30/12-SeaWorld parks began water desensitization training in the medical pools today to get the orcas used to people being in the water again.

8/17/12-Kohana has given birth to her second calf! The calf is a girl and has been named Victoria. She was born on August 3, 2012.

8/20/12-Shouka has been transferred to SeaWorld San Diego. Here's an article with a video of her trip.

9/26/12-Two orcas were captured in Russia in August. One either died or was released and the other was transferred to the TINRO Center in Russia. It will be transferred to another marine park. Rumors are it is a female.

9/27/12-Nakai of SeaWorld San Diego has sustained a severe injury to his lower mouth. At this time it is unknown how it occured. It happened around September 20th so it has been a week. He is being treated with antibiotics and is healing but it will take a good amount of time for the large chunk of skin to heal as much as it can. Vets say they are pleased with how he is healing. He is eating normal, interacting with the other whales and swimming well. I will update when I learn more.

10/1/12-Nakai's injury seems to be progressing along. A lot of skin has grown back and is covering most of the exposed bone and muscle. It is still unclear as to how it happened, but many veterinarians, who are not associated with SeaWorld, say the wound looked to smooth to have been the result of another orca biting his skin off. Other wild orca researchers have come out saying they have seen much worse injuries to wild orcas and that he should recover.

10/2/12-The captured Russian orca is a female and her name is said to be Narnia.

11/1/12-The Orka Coalition went to court today. A decision about Morgan's future will be made on December 13.

11/7/12-Nakai's injury to his lower jaw is recovering faster than expected. SeaWorld says about 60-70% of the tissue has grown back and new pictures and video show just how much he has recovered. He is still out of shows and it is unknown when he will return to them. He is receiving antibitoics and laser treatment to help with regrowth of tissue. Here is a recent video of Nakai showing his wound and him in the process of a laser treatment.

11/12/12-I have now heard, multiple times, that SeaWorld may have aquired Oscar's semen who lives at Kamogawa Sea World. This is only a rumor, but since they have been working more on artificially inseminating lately, it is possible that it's true. They have also been involved together before, in that earlier this year, Kamogawa sent a rescued Pilot Whale named Argo to SeaWorld California to live with other Pilot Whales at the park.

11/12/12-Article in Japanese on Stella's pregnancy. The article basically says that 26 year old Stella will be out of training sessions and shows will be put off now that she is getting closer to giving birth. She has a decrease in appetite and temperature which are signs of an impending birth.

11/13/12-Stella gave birth to a female calf! Bingo and Ran were also present for the birth. Here is a link to an article about the birth in English. Here is another article.

11/14/12-Marineland Ontario wants another killer whale. Here is a link to the article.

11/17/12-Last week, Loro Parque tested Morgan's hearing along with other orcas at the park for comparison. Scientists doing the test confirmed that she has severe if not full hearing loss. Here is an article explaining the research done and Morgan's hearing impairment.

11/23/12-Lovey's Calf has been named Luna.

12/13/12-The judges involved in Morgan's case have found nothing unlawful about Morgan's transfer to Loro Parque and have declared she stays there.

12/21/12-Sadly, I must announce that Oscar passed away on December 20th from an unknown illness. He had been showing signs of an illness for about a week and Kamogawa just announced his passing. RIP Oscar.

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