• 8/3/16-Bob was rescued in New Zealand.


  • 8/3/16-Bob was transferred to an unknown facility in New Zealand.


  • 8/6/16-Bob passed away at an unknown rehab facility.


  • 8/--/16-Unconfirmed reports of two orcas captured in Russia.

1/21/16-Orca Home recently posted an update in regards to the Russian captures' location. It states that the Chinese government has revealed that there are nine orcas at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom after replying to a Chinese NGO enquiry. In total, they supposedly have five whales from the 2013 captures, two from 2014 and two from 2015. It is still not known where the whales have been living since they became owned by Chimelong. A couple weeks ago, Chimelong also announced that it would be breaking ground on Chimelong Ocean World, which would have marine animal performances. 

2/6/16-SeaWorld has announced results of Unna's necropsy report. It reveals that she had been fighting a systemic bacterial infection. They are still waiting on more test results to come back.

2/13/16-Could Loro Parque be expanding their Orca tank? When a guest spoke with Patricia Delponti, who is the park's Director of Communications, she was asked what was next for the park. Patricia replied “We are considering various ideas and formulas … and also expand the area of ​​the orcas, adding another pool, not because it is necessary, but thinking ahead.” We are not sure when this conversation occurred, but we believe it was likely last year since Loro Parque had announced they were working on expanding the park. There is no other information given, but when we find out more we will be sure to update the site. Here is a link to the conversation in Spanish. It is stated at the very end of the article.

2/14/16-It appears that Chimelong's orcas, or at least some of them, are at Ocean Kingdom. A guest was able to take a picture of two of the whales and posted it on instagram. It is still not known where they are in the park. She said that she could see 5-6 whales and that they are in training. This could mean that the two newcomers from 2015 and another whale are either in another tank or another location. Their names and sexes are still unknown. If we find out anymore information we will be sure to let you know.

3/8/16-SeaWorld has announced that Tilikum has been battling a chronic bacterial infection in his lungs. His health has deteriorated over the last couple of weeks and the infection seems to be very resistant to medications. Veterinarians do not seem very optimistic because of the resistance of the bacteria. 

3/17/16-SeaWorld has announced that they are ending their breeding program. They also announced that Takara is pregnant and became pregnant last year. It is not yet known when she is due or who the father is. While SeaWorld already announced that they would be ending One Ocean in San Diego and have a new educational performance in 2017, they also announced that the same will be happening for San Antonio in 2018 and Orlando in 2019. They will not be going through with the Blue World Project and will instead make the current habitats more natural looking. It is not yet known how this will affect Loro Parque. They have confirmed that they did not know this was going to happen. It is also unknown as to how this may affect Kamogawa Sea World and Marineland Antibes as they both were involved in SeaWorld's breeding program. Kamogawa was set to start breeding females with SeaWorld's males.

3/19/16-Loro Parque has stated that they will take on the same terms SeaWorld is implementing with the breeding program.

3/19/16-SeaWorld has announced that Tilikum is doing better. He has become more active and is eating more. They know he will have good and bad days, but for now, he is doing okay.

6/29/16-Tilikum at SeaWorld Orlando seems to be doing better. He has been ill for several months but he has been gaining weight and socializing more with the pod. He has been spending time with Katina, his son Makaio and daughter Malia.

7/21/16-A video has been posted to Instagram showing what is most likely some of the captured Russian orcas. Click here to see the video. It is not known where these orcas are or where the video was taken. The TINRO Center is also looking for a male orca to be captured. 

8/1/16-SeaWorld has announced that Kasatka has a bacterial respiratory infection. It sounds like something she has had for a while, though they didn't give a time frame. They said it is not contagious, but it is also not curable. They do breathing treatments which do help. She has her good and bad days.

8/3/16-An orca calf has been rescued in New Zealand after being separated from his pod for at least 20 days. The calf has been nicknamed Bob by locals. It was decided to allow human intervention after his health began to deteriorate and he was taken to an unknown facility. No orcas have been spotted around the area. He is estimated to be between 10-12 months old.

8/5/16-Bob, the rescued killer whale calf, has passed away on August 6, 2016 (local time) in New Zealand. The calf was later estimated to be about 6 months old. He passed away as a result of his stranding.

8/7/16-The video that had surfaced recently of supposed Russian orcas that we provided a link to back on July 21st, was apparently uploaded in September 2014. 

9/13/16-Russian Orcas is reporting that a total of 7 orcas were captured in Russia in 2015. It was originally thought that 3 had been captured. Of those 7, 4 of them are still in Nakhodka. At least 2 orcas were also moved to China last year and it is not known when those 2 were captured. There are also unconfirmed rumors that 2 orcas were captured last month in Russia in the western Okhotsk Sea. We know that there was a request for a young male orca to be captured recently so we would not be surprised if this is true.

10/24/16-Some interesting permit requests coming out of SeaWorld San Diego. Screamscape has posted pictures showing permits from SeaWorld San Diego which are set to go before the California Coastal Commission on November 4th. They call for the removal of the moving screens and installation of new parts for the Orca Encounter. But, the second page has the most interesting information. It is basically the same permit for Blue World. This leads us to believe that SeaWorld may still be planning on moving forward with the Blue World Project despite not breeding orcas.

11/10/16-There has now been confirmation that 15 Russian caught orcas are in China. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom imported 9 orcas between 2013 and 2015. That was confirmed on December 7, 2015. The Haichang Group also has 4 orcas living at their park, Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park, until their new park, Shanghai Haichang Polar Ocean World, can finish construction. There are also 2 orcas living at Linyi Polar Ocean World and are set to go on public display at there next Spring festival. While these orcas locations are now known, it is still not known when each was captured.

12/14/16-A Chinese company registered in Namibia has proposed the capture of marine mammals from Namibia. Of those included in the permit, is a request to capture 10 orcas. It was recently announced that Namibia's government would decide, sometime in 2017, if they would allow the captures. 

Update: The request to capture the orcas was denied.

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