• 1/25/20-Loro Parque plans on adding to their orca tank have come up again. The park has purchased additional land next to the orca exhibit where they plan to add a 1.5 million gallon addition to the exhibit. The plan is to start construction in 2021.
  • 1/25/20-Chimelong Ocean Kingdom's orca facility has a tentative opening date of May 1st, 2020.
  • 5/14/20-Some interesting developments are coming out of Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park. Ningyo La Mar d'Aprop on Facebook has reported that the two females at the park, had a bit of an identity mix up. The female who was originally thought to be Dora, is actually the female who's name is unknown. Dora is the larger female at the park. Even more interesting, it appears that Dora, may be pregnant. Ningyo posted a recent picture of Dora from end of April/early May, with a very large girth. If she's not pregnant, she is going to be a very bulky whale as she ages. Only time will tell. Very little has been confirmed about the Shanghai orcas in general. The smaller female we assumed to be around 7 years old currently. So we assume that Dora is possibly around 8 years old. This is just an estimate though as, once again, there is not very much information to go off of with these whales.
  • 5/25/20-According to Free Russian Whales, VNIRO is proposing the capture of 4 Russian orcas. They have been the ones to propose captures in the past. In 2018, 12 orcas were captured. In 2019, 10 were released, 1 passed away and another either passed away or escaped soon after capture. Out of the 4 they proposed to capture, they plan on capturing 2 from Kamchatka. 
  • 6/19/20-According to a park guest, they have stated the names of the other two orcas at Shanghai are Goren (Male) and Kysalis (Female). The park has still not confirmed the names of the whales publicly, unfortunately. Another name, Annei, has been mentioned for the female, though it is unknown where this name originated from. Kysalis is the one to have been said by the park to guests. We will be updating the site at this point until further information is known or confirmed.

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