Nyar was a 2 year old female orca who was born on December 31, 1993 at SeaWorld Orlando. Her mother is Gudrun and her father is Tilikum. She passed away on April 1, 1996.

Soon after her birth, Nyar started showing signs of health issues. She was not developing at the same rate as other calves and had trouble swimming. She struggled both physically and mentally. Animals of many species are known for attempting to kill their offspring when their health is compromised. Gudrun attempted to drown Nyar several times when she noticed Nyar was having health problems.




Birthplace-SeaWorld Orlando

Type of Birth-Tail First

Date of Death-4/1/96

Place of Death-SeaWorld Orlando

Cause of Death-Immune System Failure



Half Sisters

  • Taima (1989)*, Unna (1996)*, Kohana (2002), Skyla (2004), Malia (2007), Sakari (2010)

Half Brothers

  • Kyuquot (1991), Nootka 4's Calf (1992)*, Taku (1993)*, Sumar (1998)*, Tuar (1999), Tekoa (2000), Haida 2's Fetus (2001)*, Nakai (2001), Ikaika (2002), Makaio (2010)

Unknown Siblings

  • Nootka 4's Stillborn (1994)*, Gudrun's Stillborn (1996)*, Kalina's Stillborn (1997)*, Taima's Stillborn (2010)*


  • Nalani, Malia, Victoria*, Kyara*


  • Sumar*, Tekoa, Trua, Adan

Origin of Nyar

  • Hungarian for "Summer"
  • Pronounced: ny AR


  • 100% Icelandic

After this occurred, trainers tried placing her with her father Tilikum. The two got along very well. Tilikum was very gentle with his daughter. 

Sadly, in February 1996, Nyar's mother passed away from complications of giving birth to a stillborn calf. After this happened, Nyar's health declined. She ended up passing away on April 1, 1996.

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