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Orky 2 was a 26 year old male orca who was captured in Canada on April 26, 1968. He passed away at SeaWorld San Diego on September 26, 1988.

Soon after his capture, Orky 2 was purchased by Marineland of the Pacific. At Marineland, Orky spent most of his time with Corky, Corky 2, Kenny and Patches. Eventually, only Orky 2 and Corky 2 were at Marineland. They got along together and performed in shows. At times, Orky would refuse to participate in shows. Most times though, he did well in shows. 

On February 28, 1977, Corky gave birth to her and Orky's first calf. The male calf was the first calf to be born alive in captivity. Orky assisted Corky with her calf and through delivery. Sadly, the calf passed away several weeks later. Corky and Orky went on to have six more calves, none of which survived past a month and a half.

Eventually, Marineland closed and the two whales were moved to SeaWorld California. Orky met several females and Kandu 5 and Kenau both became pregnant with his calves. Kandu gave birth to a female calf on September 23, 1988. Sadly, Orky had been suffering from pneumonia and passed away three days later on September 26. In honor of Orky, his daughter was named Orkid, which means Orky's Kid. 

Several months later, Kenau gave birth to his last calf, another female, on November 26, 1988. His daughter was named Kayla. Orky became a grandfather when Kayla gave birth to her first calf, Halyn, on October 9, 2005. Sadly, Halyn passed away in 2008. Kayla passed away on January 28, 2019.




Age at Capture-Approximately 6

Place of Capture-Pender Harbour, BC

Date of Death-9/26/88

Place of Death-SeaWorld San Diego

Cause of Death-Pneumonia




Origin of Orky

  • Derived from Orca
  • Pronounced: or KEE

Also known as

  • Snorky


  • 100% Northern Resident
  • A Pod

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