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Credit: Loro Parque/ Ulrich Brodde

Tekoa is a 19 year old male orca who lives at Loro Parque. He was born at SeaWorld Orlando on November 8, 2000 to mother Taima and father Tilikum. Kalina was present for the birth and assisted Taima through labor.

As with her first calf Sumar, Taima showed aggression towards Tekoa at a very young age. The two were separated after a few months and Tekoa was raised mostly by Kalina with the assistance of Katina. Kalina had given birth to her son Tuar in 1999 and the half brothers became very close. Even after Kalina had another calf named Skyla, she still looked after Tekoa.




Birth Place-SeaWorld Orlando

Type of Birth-Tail First

Time of Birth-3:47 (EST)





  • Malia (2007)

Half Sisters

  • Nyar (1993)*, Unna (1996)*, Kohana (2002), Skyla (2004), Sakari (2010)


  • Sumar (1998)*

Half Brothers

  • Kyuquot (1991), Taku (1993)*, Tuar (1999), Nakai (2001), Ikaika (2002), Makaio (2010)


  • Katerina*, Nyar*


  • Nalani, Victoria*, Kyara*


  • Trua, Adan

(Note: To see Tekoa's extended wild family, go to Kanduke's Profile.)

Origin of Tekoa

  • Cherokee for "Beautiful"
  • Pronounced: teh KO ah


  • Teko
  • Koa


  • 350 lbs (November 2000)
  • 5,500 lbs (December 2010)
  • 6,000 lbs (2016)


  • 7 ft (November 2000)
  • 14.4 ft (2007)
  • 19 ft (2016)


  • 75% Icelandic
  • 25% Bigg's Transient

Soon after however, he was transfer to SeaWorld San Antonio along with Tuar in April 2004. Tekoa moved again to Loro Parque in February 2006, leaving Tuar behind.

Tekoa has remained at Loro Parque since. In 2007, he was involved in an incident with a trainer which resulted in him having certain protocals put in place to follow with trainers. He knows many dry work behaviors though, and is a great performer.

Tekoa is a submissive orca in the pod and Kohana and Skyla tend to be rather dominant towards him. He tends to spend a lot of time with Keto, Morgan and Adan.

Meet Tekoa

Meet Tekoa

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