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Victoria, also known as Vicky, was a young female orca. She was born at Loro Parque on August 3, 2012 and passed away on June 16, 2013. Her mother is Kohana and her father is Keto.

Sadly after birth, Kohana rejected her calf. She did stay in the same tank with her for a while but the trainers had to step in to raise her. Skyla was also present at the time of the birth. Victoria is also slightly inbred as Kohana's mother Takara, is Keto's half sister. This combination makes Vicky 6.25% inbred.


Aged-10 months


Birth Place-Loro Parque

Type of Birth-Tail First

Length of Labor-2 Hours

Date of Death-6/16/13

Place of Death-Loro Parque

Cause of Death-Intestinal Issues




Great Grandparents

  • Maternal Great Grandmother-Kasatka*
  • Maternal Great Grandfather-Kotar*
  • Paternal Great Grandmother-Katina
  • Paternal Great Grandfather-Winston*

Half Sister

  • Ula (2018)


  • Adán (2010)


  • Takara, Nyar*, Unna*, Skyla, Malia, Sakari, Kamea, Kyara*


  • Kyuquot, Keet, Taku*, Keto, Sumar*, Tuar, Tekoa, Nakai, Ikaika, Trua, Makaio, Makani


  • Kohana, Kalia, Halyn*, Trua, Nalani, Sakari, Adan, Kamea, Amaya, Kyara*, Ula

Origin of Victoria/Vicky

  • English
  • Latin for "Victory" or "Conqueror"
  • Pronunciation-VIC tor EE ah/ VIK ee


  • 335 lbs or 152 Kg (August 2012)


  • 7.8 ft or 2.4 M (August 2012)


  • 87.5% Icelandic
  • 12.5% Southern Resident

Victoria was doing well early in life. She was very energetic, playful and willing to learn. The trainers spent a lot of time playing and taking care of her.

Victoria met her older brother, Adan, in November 2012. They were often seen together after that and the two loved playing with one another. She was weaned from milk and had began training.

A few days before her death, trainers noticed a change in her behavior. Veterinarians were consulted and one flew in from SeaWorld in the U.S. Sadly, Vicky passed away on June 16, 2013.


Nacimiento de Vicky - Loro Parque

Kohana Giving Birth to Vicky

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